Group Mentoring
in Consciousness Studies

A number of individuals sharing similar goals and interests in consciousness studies may decide to team up to take a Wisdom Academy Group Mentoring in Consciousness Studies course at a reduced per-individual rate (economies of scale benefit both instructors and students, and group dynamics enrich the learning experience).

Because this is a distance-learning program, the mentorship group can be geographically distributed (nationally or internationally). If a group from a particular location or region teams up for one of these programs, they have the added benefit of arranging a week-long onsite intensive seminar once or twice a year in their location. These seminars combine a mix of study/learning styles—including formal presentations by Dr. de Quincey or another instructor from The Wisdom Academy (and, if they choose, by the students); Q&A sessions; as well as experiential process work including, especially, Bohmian Dialogue circles (see Dr. de Quincey’s book Radical Knowing for an account of this mode of consciousness inquiry).

Coaching in Consciousness & Creativity

The Wisdom Academy also offers courses in “Consciousness & Creativity” for corporate groups. These programs are individually tailored to meet specific organizational goals and objectives, and focus on understanding the dynamics of consciousness involved in creativity, collaborative learning, team building, and interpersonal relationships.

As with all our other programs, Corporate Coaching in Consciousness & Creativity explores and develops consciousness from a holistic perspective—integrating cognitive learning with body-based intuition.

In addition to distance-learning courses via email and Web resources, our corporate services are designed to include both on-site and off-site intensive seminars to help deepen and accelerate the effectiveness of these programs.

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