Consciousness Studies

This is a relatively new area of inquiry in the academic world. However, known as the “perennial philosophy,” its roots date back to the ancient Vedas of India and Taoist wisdom teachings of China. Even before that, it was the essence of various shamanic rituals found in tribal cultures across the globe.

Today, it is an emerging interdisciplinary field offered in universities in the West, embracing psychology, philosophy, spirituality, anthropology, history, neuroscience, and cognitive science, as well as gender and race studies.

A growing number of colleges in the US, Europe, and South America now offer masters degrees in Consciousness Studies, and a handful of universities offer interdisciplinary doctoral programs involving science, philosophy, and religion.

Depending on the bias of individual institutions and teachers, emphasis may be on first-person exploration of subjective experience (e.g., through meditation and other experiential practices), or third-person investigation of objective physiological correlates of consciousness (e.g., brain and nervous system), as well as philosophical investigations leading to rational understanding of the mind and how it relates to the body and the rest of the physical world. Another approach, recognizing the pervasiveness and importance of relationship, focuses on second-person intersubjective explorations of consciousness (e.g., through dialogue and group rituals).

As with all advanced degree programs, which can take from two to six years of dedicated study, three common obstacles need to be overcome: time, cost, and commitment. Many people who are passionate about consciousness and self-knowledge do not have the resources to pursue a full-time (or even part-time) degree course. Yet exploring consciousness remains a passion and priority for them.

If you are one of these people, a Mentorship in Consciousness Studies may be a preferable option. Personal mentorship programs can be individually tailored to meet the time and financial resources you have available. All it takes is your commitment to follow a course of guided study.

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