Information about programs in Consciousness Studies from The Wisdom Academy. (19 pages)
An illustrated guide to the key insights and ideas of "Consciousness from Zombies to Angels" (with color images). (17 pages)
A user-friendly guide to relationships and the essence of Radical Knowing. (10 pages)
Sample chapter from "Radical Knowing" exploring the magic and mystery of Bohmian Dialogue.
If all your cells and molecules are conscious, how come you don't experience a trillion 'mini mes'?
26 Remarkable Questions to Unleash Your Potetial
Power Questions to Transform Your Life
Who are you? What does it mean to be human? Where did you come from? What is the purpose of your life? When it’s all over, what will happen to you? This short and simple guide will help you answer these universal questions and set you on a path to transformation.
An illustrated guide to the Seven Archetypes of Consciousness that guide and transform our lives.