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A sample of websites and videos that enhance understanding and experience
of consciousness, cosmos, and connection.

University of Philosophical Research—A graduate-level distance learning university, nationally accredited by the DETC. Offers masters degrees in Consciousness Studies and Transformational Psychology. Special emphasis on the world’s ancient wisdom traditions.
Do Not ZZZ — An engaging meditative experience of the simple and profound power of Zen.
Center for Consciousness — In stark contrast to the sublime simplicity of Zen, take a look at the view from Australian philosopher David Chalmers, and how he tackles the "hard problem."
Who's So Special? — Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, in his own quiet way, tells us about the power of silence and simply being "quite ordinary."
Deep Spirit — My own website, with samples of my work on consciousness, cosmology, and spirituality.

The New Story — Cosmologist Brian Swimme takes us on a journey to find our place in the cosmos. Explores the 14 billion-year-old story of cosmic evolution from Big Bang to you. (from the Global Mind Shift website—see below.)
The Hubble Deep Field — A popular six-minute video on YouTube. Evokes a sense of our place in this vast and majestic cosmos.
The Carl Sagan Portal — Dedicated to the memory and work of the man who brought the cosmos home to millions.

Global Mind Shift — Connecting with others to help make a global community.
Awakening Earth — Website of spiritual ecologist Duane Elgin. Promotes the promise of a sustainable and compassionate future for the human (and more-than-human) family.
David Suzuki Foundation — Environmental activist with intelligence and wisdom to match his vision. Promotes the idea that "solutions are in our nature."
Whole Science — What would happen if science discovered knowledge so powerful it would change who you are?

Health—Mind, Body, Spirit
AloeForeverPlus— Ever wondered about the almost-miraculous healing properties of aloe vera? The Mayan Indians called it the “forever young” plant because of its remarkable rejuvenating effects.

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